Urban Planning | Spatial Design | Communications | Advocacy

Vitaliy Vladimirov, MUPP is an urban planner, artist, and immigrant. Vitaliy works to educate the Public about how the built environment shapes our lives so as to make Urban Planning Theory accessible and to empower urbanites to envision a Chicago that is healthy, vibrant, and just. Having worked at regional and block-level scales, his research focuses on how ethnic minorities cluster in the built environment. Strategies on preserving and growing commercial corridors packed with locally-owned small businesses are a key interest. His experience includes planning street festivals and farmers markets, as well as designing neighborhood branding and marketing.

Recent projects include a pop-up museum gathering oral histories in Uptown, organizing a series of walking tours in honor of Jane Jacobs’ legacy, plus several Planning zines including one on redlining as part of an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Vitaliy also speaks to middle and high school students about urban planning and loves exploring Chicago’s many neighborhoods.


• Community Designer: MUSE Community + Design
• Program Manager: Uptown United
• President, Board of Directors: Chicago for Chicagoans
• Researcher-in-Residence: Axis Lab
• City Organizer: Jane’s Walk Chicago
• Communications/Outreach Intern: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)
• Economic Development Intern: LISC Chicago
• Social media & economic development Intern: Lakeview’s SSA #27
• Graphic Design & Economic Development: Andersonville Chamber of Commerce/SSA #22
• Development Intern: Active Transportation Alliance
• Web design, organizing, and advocacy to prevent the demolition of a historic school.


Obama Foundation CLC Fellowship

Work exploring the history, meaning, and future of an ethnic enclave – Argyle Street!

Vision Zero Chicago “Design A Street”

I designed, drew, and built an activity to advocate for safer street design!

Public Speaking

Increasingly, I am asked to speak on urban issues to groups across Chicago.

Tactical Urbanism

Tactical Urbanism
Recent work using art that challenge perceptions of the built environment.

Ethnic Enclave Research

Ethnic Enclave Research
A corridor study examining how to preserve and grow Uptown’s pan-Asian community.

Urban Planning Zines

Urban Planning 101 zines
Informative and accessible primers on key urban planning concepts.

Small Business Interviews

Small Business Interviews

Understanding businesses’ needs by asking them to share their stories.

Urban Planning Youth Outreach

Helping youth understand what Planning is and how it shapes their lives.

Walking Tours

Exploring the intersection of history and Planning by walking the city’s streets.