Undoing Segregation 101

Undoing Segregation 101

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This zine lists strategies on recognizing exclusion in the built environment and tips on tackling ossified segregation. Rooted in social science and urban theory, this zine aims to be a guide for anyone wanting to help tackle Chicago’s astounding segregation. Written from the perspective that segregation is unnatural, immoral, and artificially maintained its topics include:

• Myths that Justify Segregation
• How Segregation Shapes the Built Environment
• Intersection of segregation & Public Health
• Four historic Chicago Anti-Segregation figures
• Local and National organizations to support

“The exclusionary built environment — the architecture of a place — functions as a form of regulation.” – Sarah Schindler

“I have never seen, even in Mississippi and Alabama, mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’m seeing in Chicago.” – Martin Luther King JR.

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