Road to Exceptional Cities: Transit Equity Zine

The Road to Exceptional Cities: How Transportation Systems can Drive Goals of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

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Developed for a workshop at the 2018 Obama Summit in Chicago, this zine was co-written with Hazel Bridges, a transit equity specialist from Columbia, SC. It contrasts Chicago & Columbia’s transit systems, highlights how mobility is a civil rights issues, and includes a worksheet on understanding transit inequities.

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Mobility as a Human Right

Today, in cities nationwide, those who are most in need of access to robust transportation systems are instead trapped living in places with few options, while transit is more and more seen as a desireable amenity that puts a premium on living in transit-rich areas. Having transit nearby is often touted in real estate listings, making it even less accessible to those who need it most.
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Why this Zine?

Most people are still unaware that the built environment regulates their lives – despite the fact that most of us spend our entire lives in man-made, designed urban spaces. Highlighting access to mobility as a basic, inalienable human right is a key step to tackling inequities that many assume are beyond reproach.