Urban Planning 101

Developed for the Burnam Plan walking tour, this handout included an overview of key Planning theories, a hand-drawn map of the 1909 Plan’s impacts, and illustrations of Planning theorists.

Undoing Segregation 101

Developed for a Chicago for Chicagoans presentation, this folded piece highlighted policies that enforce segregation, examples of segregation’s costs and impacts, and Chicago civil rights activists.

Uptown, Chicago

Developed for an Uptown walking tour, this brochure showed Uptown socioeconomics, recent trends, and several historical local activists.

Context for the Obama Center

Written for a talk I gave to a group of Ancona School parents wanting to better understand the Obama Center and what its construction might mean for their neighborhood.

On Being LGBT in 2018

Developed for a walking tour with the Br. David Darst Center, this zine explore the intersection of urban planning and LGBT politics.


Designed as part of my Obama Foundation CLC Fellowship, this zine summarizes my research on the history of Uptown’s Argyle St. and new ethnic enclave research.

Other Zines:

“Invisible Boundaries” redlining zine
• “Better Parking 101: Ingredients for a Parking System that Boosts Tax Revenue & Invigorates Communities”
• “Redlining: Prejudice as Policy”
• “Planning for Enclaves: Tips for Nurturing Places of Meaning”