Youth Outreach

Latin School of Chicago: Uptown Unit

• Guided the development of a week-long unit on Uptown’s assets, history, and challenges for Latin School’s 60 third graders. 
• Designed a walk-about with three stops and gave presentation about housing, development, and displacement.
• Designed a pen-and-paper activity for students to roleplay housing challenges for people of various backgrounds & incomes.

Hayt Elementary: What is Urban Planning?

• Two career-day presentations to fifth-graders about urban design and city planning.
• After, guided the students in having them draw their “ideal city.”

Hayt Elementary: Art + Activism

• Presented to fifth-graders about making a career  combining art-making with activism.
• Most students hadn’t heard of social justice before.
• Guided the students in a protest-art making exercise on subjects of their choosing.
• Handed out my multi-lingual “Choose Love” stickers.

Additional Outreach:

• Truman Middle College
Chinese Mutual Aid Association
Project Vision