Obama Foundation: Community Leadership Corps

This program sponsored by the Obama Foundation brought together 100 young people in Chicago, Phoenix, and Columbia, SC for an immersive immersive 10-week development program that culminated in the 2018 Obama Summit, where I co-led a transit equity workshop, met dozens of people working on transformative projects around the world, and shook hands with President Obama!

#KeepArgyleAlive Pop-Up Dinner & Zine

Completing the Foundation’s 10-week CLC program required the design & implementation of a project in a small group. Me & two teammates planned an immersive dinner experience on Argyle St., a place of deep cultural history and meaning on the cusp of rapid change. I employed my historical research of the area, recorded sounds, and designed a zine.

After dinner, guests moved to a coffee shop for drinks & dessert where I solicited their memories for my movable museum project.

Transit Equity Workshop & Zine

I proposed and was selected to co-lead a workshop at the Summit with a young transportation expert from Columbia, SC. Our workshop shed light on unexpected ways transportation inequities hinder peoples’ lives. With attendees from Chicago, Phoenix, and Columbia the conversation centered on ways advocates can change their thinking around transportation challenges.