Obama Foundation

In 2018, I was invited to take part in the Obama Foundation’s Community Leadership Corps, a 10-week development program, for which I also planned a pop-up event. I also attended the Obama Summit, where I led a workshop, met leaders from around the world, and shook hands with President Obama!

Youth Outreach

Sharing urban planning theory with the city’s young people is very important for me – as they will inhabit the cities we are planning today. I’ve worked with students as young as 8, through high school, devising lesson plans, lectures, presentations, and even games to simplify complex concepts.

Walking Tours

I research and plan walking tours of Chicago’s neighborhoods to get locals to think critically about the urban spaces they inhibit and too-often take for granted. These events explore Chicago’s history of exclusion, celebrate the city’s diversity, and provide ways to undo decades of regressive planning & policy-making.

I partner with groups and local experts, custom-tailoring walks to suit each group. Recent tours include Dearborn Park/South Loop, Uptown, Boystown, and Chinatown.