Jane’s Walk Chicago 2018

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Jane's Walk Chicago

Jane’s Walk is an annual, global happening of free, citizen-led urban explorations to honor the work and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs.

This May, I was City Organizer for Jane’s Walk Chicago. I planned and co-led four walking tours that explored local history and tackled the continued legacies of redlining and urban renewal, challenging Chicagoans to be advocates for positive change in their communities.
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This tour – in partnership with APA-IL – explored Chicago’s LGBT history, the erasure of queer spaces, and Planning for enclaves. The tour employed new research done in Boystown that challenges assumptions about how enclaves support tolerance.

South Loop/Dearborn Park

This tour tackled how Planning facilitated both the area’s decline and its resurgence. The tour critiqued a 1970s planned utopian community in the heart of the city and the role of colleges in supporting its vibrancy. [/one_third][one_third_last padding=”0 15px 0 0″]


This tour explored how Daniel Burnham’s 1909 Plan still shapes Chicagoans’ lives and contrasted it with Jane Jacobs’ ideals. The tour critiqued the shortcomings of both Burnham and Jacobs and championed recent planning approaches.


This tour explored the forces that forced Uptown’s decline, its history of inter-racial community activism, and immigrants’ invaluable contributions in revitalizing the neighborhood.