Vitaliy Vladimirov, MUPP is an urban planner, artist, and immigrant. Vitaliy works to educate the public about how the built environment shapes our lives to make Urban Planning theory accessible and to empower urbanites to envision cities that can be healthy, vibrant, and just. Vitaliy is particularly interested in how and why minorities cluster in the built environment – and how to best celebrate and protect such places as they are invariably fragile and threatened by displacement. Vitaliy works to build partnerships to bring his work to new audiences and welcomes new collaborations with groups, individuals, and institutions.

Recent projects include a pop-up museum gathering oral histories in Uptown, organizing a series of walking tours in honor of Jane Jacobs’ legacy, plus many zines on topics such as redlining, segregation, and others – including one commissioned for an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Now a Community Designer at MUSE Community + Design, Vitaliy works with communities across Chicago and beyond. Vitaliy also often speaks to middle and high school students about urban planning, loves exploring Chicago’s many neighborhoods, and visiting new cities.

• Community Designer: MUSE Community + Design
• City Organizer: Janes Walk Chicago

Open to: Giving presentations or workshops, small group walking tours, creative collaborations.

Weddings & Events: Sales & social media marketing
Marketing: Food & cleaning product label design
Marketing: Trade show design