A Night of Social Good Action at the Field Museum

Recently, I was asked to take part in “Night of Ideas,” an event sponsored by the French Consulate at the Field Museum, for which I devised a brand-new engagement activity centered around “social good.”

The theme was: Alive! and “convened a range of inspiring voices from academic, artistic, scientific, and civic communities from Chicago, France, and beyond, to engage audiences in active reflection of what being alive was, is, and could be.”

Over the event’s six hours, there were 150+ speakers, workshops, and demos. My piece was two eight-foot movable walls, to which I attached posters I designed, with slogans such as “what would you give up to stop climate change?” In the middle was a large board for attendees to respond via a pledge to take action – big or small.

Those who signed the board also received a “starter kit” – an envelope with a postcards and stickers I designed along with a custom zine listing other ideas to continue doing good – at home, work, etc.

That night, I must’ve spoken to 300-plus attendees, having poignant, fun, touching, but also unpleasant interactions discussing tackling inequality, climate change, racism, and more in our daily lives. It was an uplifting experience that has energized me to continue this work and bring the idea to other events.

Photos: Kyle Flubacker & Eva Ho